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* A 10-15 bird coop: 1 4 oz. Concentrate will last you 3-5 months

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Chick Fresh will help you eliminate odors, ammonia and dust from your coops & brooders for ONLY $19.96
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Keep Your Chicks Strong & Healthy From The Start!

  • ​ Chick Fresh is a natural spray to greatly reduce harmful ammonia and odors in your coops and brooders.
  • ​ Not only does Chick Fresh work for your chicks odor, it also works anywhere inside or outside the house! 
  •   Your chicks will grow up strong and healthy with Chick Fresh!
What other people have been saying:

Chef George
"So far I like it. We have been using it in the house to control the garbage from smelling and it works great. Can’t wait to use it in the coop when we get chicks as it gets warmer."
Ayslen Redmon - Owner of Lots 'A' Cluckin' Farm
"I have 6 coops and it can be hard to keep them in top condition at all times. This spray has saved my sanity! And it has such a pleasant smell, I may just want to live in my coops! It certainly makes bird observation times much more enjoyable for not only me but my birds too!

I highly recommend this product!"
Michel Levert
"This stuff works amazing! great refresher! I have 2 house hens, along with our outside flock and we use this to spritz the 2 girls bed in the evenings for them before bed and they enjoy it. it's been helping keep the smells at bay while raising chicks too! definitely a must have to keep on hand. It even helped with litter box odors in the bathroom too!"
Linda Saylor
"I was skeptical at first after seeing it on a live feed on Chicken Whisperer. I purchased not expecting much but have been blown away with how well it controls odors in my coops. ... for days! Will continue to buy."
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Here's What "The Chicken Whisperer" Andy Schneider has to say about the odor eliminator spray: Chick Fresh

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